Each production phase is carried out following precise working methodologies in accordance with the Emilia-Romagna Region's directives on Quality Control, organic farming and integrated pest management.

In particular, we achieve our/your goals by:

• low-impact farming practices which produce less air, water and soil pollution;
• a reduction in the health risk of employees and consumers;
• increased value of agro-food products, because quality is not just about the product's inner and outer characteristics but also about production methods which, in this particular case, are based on the preferential use of renewable green resources;
• the creation of natural spaces, the preservation of soil and the protection of the biodiversity in the agro-ecosystem;
• the non-use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers;
• harvesting carried out strictly by hand.

Our Farm grows and processes its own products.
A growing farm is defined as a farm that grows organic products.
A processing company is the one thanks to which we find finished products, nicely packed and correctly labelled, on the shelves of stores.