Our Farm was founded in February 2008 and presently covers a 350 hectare area in the territory of Cesena.

Our philosophy is to make genuine and natural products, free of any preservatives, additives, flavour enhancers and other chemical substances.
The visit to our farm is free. Anyone can visit our premises and check personally how natural our production methods are. 
The Farm logo is a butterfly, a symbol of naturalness, lightness, purity, fertility, and transformation, characteristics that match well with the underlying principles of the products branded "Le Fattorie Malatestiane".  

What is more, the butterfly has a Malatestian connotation, as proven by the documentary evidence preserved in the Malatestian library of Cesena. Indeed, the symbol of the butterfly can be found in the miniatures prepared for Malatesta Novello (the miniaturist, probably from Ferrara, was called "the Master of Butterfly"), accompanied by white vine stem borders, knotted letters (with a butterfly often appearing inside knots) and naturalistic elements.

The butterfly in art is the symbol of the spirituality of the soul, which can free itself from brute materiality like the chrysalis breaks out of its shell. This insect, reproduced in a written text, may represent the elevation of the human mind, through reading and studying, towards true knowledge.